“Praram 9 Hospital” in collaboration with seven hospitals, both public and private, in Thailand

Praram 9 Hospital organized the “4th Anniversary of Joint Care Center” event, featuring a knowledge-sharing session on knee osteoarthritis.

Praram 9 LASIK Center has been honored with the SMILE® Ambassador Center 2023 award for their exceptional contributions in utilizing advanced ReLEx SMILE technology for vision correction.

Dr. Satian Pooprasert, the Managing Director of Praram 9 Hospital, has made a groundbreaking move by signing an exclusive GCC marketing partnership agreement with two top executives in the wellness industry.

Praram 9 Hospital signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to exchange knowledge and experience in kidney disease with Khema International

Praram 9 Hospital opened the Thyroid and Thyroid Surgery Center ushering in a team of multidisiplinary experts in thyroid and endocrine diseases equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipments and technology.

Praram 9 Hospital celebrates its 30th anniversary, reaffirming its position as a comprehensive healthcare center for more than three decades and laying out the strategy to become a full Digital Hospital through Digital Transformation.

Praram 9 Hospital established the Vaccination and Travel Medicine Center to cater towards travelers of all ages who are looking for consultation and counselling before and after travelling

Praram 9 Hospital has launched the innovative medication for Covid-19, the Antibody Cocktail. This medication has been approved and widely used around the world with effective results