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Gastroenterology(Gl) and Hepatobiliary(Liver) Center

Changing lifestyle, affected by the economic issues, stress, pollution and contaminant , together with unhealthy eating habits conduce problems of digestive system, excretory system and alimentary system. Those are the major reason to cause a gastrointestinal disease.
The digestive system consists of mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and anus as the end of the digestive tract, also includes liver, pancreas and gallbladder to support digestive functions. Normal digestive system, excretory system and alimentary can identify that you are healthy.
The Digestive Disease Center at Praram 9 Hospital brings together a broad range of specialists in Gastroenterology (GI) and Hepatobiliary (Liver) to provide a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases. The medical team works closely with the Hepatobiliary surgeons to ensure that all alternatives are available to patients.

Screening and Prevention

  • Physical examination.
  • Blood tests.
  • Stool Examination.
  • Gastro – Colonoscopy.
  • Barium sulfate (is taken by mouth or given rectally by enema).
  • Virtual colonoscopy.
  • Capsule endoscopy takes pictures of the inside of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Abdominal ultrasound.
  • Abdominal CT scan.
  • Abdominal MRI scan.



  • Primary cancer can be cured.
  • Surgery is the main treatment for primary cancer.
  • Anti-cancer medication after surgical resection.
  • Anti-cancer  vaccine in blood vessels.
  • Radiation therapy after Colorectal cancer treatment.
  • Cutting small piece of tumors by endoscopy
  • Medication for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.
As mentioned above, if you require any further information, please contact us for arranging the appointment in order to meet doctor and determine your diagnosis. Regular health exams and tests can help you find problems before they start. Also can help you find problems early, when your chances for treatment and cure are better. For your convenience, our team of Gastroenterology (GI) and Hepatobiliary (Liver) at Praram 9 are available to provide consultation and advice.

Related Diseases

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  • Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST)
  • Congenital gastrointestinal
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Fatty liver disease

Operating Hours

Open daily:

08.00 - 20.00