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Prenatal Diagnosis Center

The Obstetrics / Gynecology Center at Praram 9 Hospital provide the best and most comprehensive prenatal diagnostic services available.


  • 2D Ultrasound and 4D Ultrasound – the latest method by which the fetus can be visually monitored right up until delivery. Using this technique, our staff of highly skilled specialists can observe fetal motion in real time, confirming the unborn baby’s healthy growth and development. Likewise, any irregularities or problems can be detected as soon as they occur, allowing the required treatment to be provided promptly.
  • Down syndrome screening-first trimester: Employing our advanced visualization technology, physicians are able to measure the thickness of the skin fold behind the nape of the fetus’s neck. This along with precisely focused blood analysis permits detection of Down syndrome before 12 weeks gestation – within the first trimester.
  • Down syndrome screening-second trimester: Additional blood analysis is performed during the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy (second trimester), to confirm the continued unimpaired development of the fetus, and to detect the presence of any additional risk of Down syndrome or other possible abnormalities such as Neural Tube Defect.
  • Amniocentesis: This is another diagnostic technique by which the health status of the developing fetus may be monitored, checking for possible genetic or physiological impairments which may complicate the healthy growth of the unborn child.