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Diabetes and Metabolic Centre

It seems clear that diabetes and endocrine disorders are a major cause of many diseases such as kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, infectious diseases from severe diabetes, thyrotoxicosis etc.


Key to the effective treatment without incurrent disease comes from a good treatment plan. Patients’ knowledge regarding their disease, a positive attitude in eating discipline and exercise lead people to stay healthy and away from illness. But the most difficult thing is to put theory into practice. Thus, medical treatment plan with patient involvement have to worksimultaneously in order to control disease.


At Praram 9 Hospital, our diabetes specialists, endocrinologists and nutritionists are involved in total solution ; consulting, diagnosis, medical treatment and follow-up care.


We strive to provide an excellent medical service as our commitment “Health Care You Can Trust”.


  • Estimates your risk of diabetes and provides personalized tips for prevention.
  • Monitoring blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible in order to prevent from complication.
  • Diabetes care during pregnancy to ensure you have a safe pregnancy and baby is born healthy.
  • Weight loss plans for preventing diabetes and other diseases such as Hypertension, Dyslipidemia and Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Treatment for diabetes complication such as Cardiovascular diseases , skin complications, Diabetic neuropathy Complications, Diabetic foot vascular disease surgery.
  • Additional support and advice for diabetes patients.
  • Diagnosing and treating endocrine system diseases (Hormones).
  • Annual diabetes check-up program.

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08.00 - 16.00